Íï 7 - March 2008


Data submission

lizard  Herpetological excursion
It was about two years ago when the idea of an “herpetological mission” sprang up,with the aim of getting in touch with as many amphibian and reptile enthusiasts as possible. That thought, which took quite some time of planning, became a reality last spring on 29/4/2007.
The participation was more encouraging than expected, making the room of the single bus we rent far too small for the 68 participation forms we received. Finally, 48 people made the trip to Stymphalia of
which only 4 were members of SHH!
lizard 6th International Symposium on the Lacertids of the Mediterranean Basin
6th ISLMBIt is our great pleasure to announce that the 6th Symposium on the Lacertids of the Mediterranean Basin will be held in June 2008 (23-27) at Molyvos, Lesvos Island, Greece.

The Symposium will be hosted under the aegis of the Department of Environment (University of the Aegean), the Prefectural Authority of Lesvos and the Societas Hellenica Herpetologica. We look forward to welcome you in the awesome island of Lesvos, homeland of many great personalities like the ancient poets Sappho and Alkaios, the "father" of Botany Theophrastus, the 1977 Nobel laureate poet Odysseas Elytis, the popular painter Theofilos but also birthplace of the special drink ouzo and home to the unique Fossil Forest of Sigri. Participants that followed the First Symposium, which took place in Lesvos in 1992, will certainly remember the hospitality and the beauty of the island.

                          Visit the Symposium Page
lizard Reptile and bird collection permits – latest developments
Following the reactions by SHH and other environmental NGOs and the complaint we had submitted regarding the illogical permits that the Ministry of Rural Development and Food had issued for the collection of a large number of reptiles and birds, the European Commission studied the case and concluded that in total 3 permits had been issued for herpetofauna species and 3 for bird species.
These permits were cancelled. The ones concerning ornithofauna were never executed. However the ones regarding the collection of reptiles had been partially used and as a result 58 individuals from different species to have been collected as well as the total permitted number of tortoises. Since the permits were cancelled the case, as far as the EC is concerned, was closed.
The Greek authorities were committed to the EC to issue a decision on collection issues that will include conditions and requisitions. As far as we know this has not been done yet. 
lizard What would you like to know about amphibians and reptiles?
It is common to everyone who works with amphibians and reptiles to receive a lot of questions about them.  Send us the most common, or even the most bizarre questions you have heard of. We want to collect and answer these questions in our website. We hope in this way to help solving common questions and at the same time to explain some perceptions, new and old, in order to restore the truth.